About Soarscape


Soarscape was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland, merging a passion for the latest in modern technological advances with over 4 years’ experience within the professional services industry. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised solutions for the wide-ranging requirements of any client.


As a professional licenced company, Soarscape actively adheres to both the C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority) and I.A.A (Irish Aviation Authority) safety regulations. The company is registered with both the C.A.A. and I.A.A. holding the requisite Permission for Commerical Operations. All our experienced pilots are flight tested and fully qualified, holding an industry approved CDP-C (Certified Drone Pilot – Commercial) qualification is gained from the UAV Academy.

In accordance with aerial licencing, Soarscape are fully insured for all our aerial operations including Third Party Worldwide Public Liability of up to £2 million and aircraft specific insurance.


At Soarscape, ensuring we fulfil the needs of our clients is driven by combining advanced technology, customisable software settings and expertise in aircraft piloting. The aircrafts employed by Soarscape facilitate the filming of spectacular 5.2K raw video and up to 20 megapixel image capture with a multitude of Intelligent Flight Systems. Through the customisable settings, the live feed HD video and image output can be orientated for the prerequisite post production requirements.

We greatly believe consultation during the planning and execution stages of operations is essential, to ensure a smooth process from initial enquiry to the finished product.


What can Soarscape do for you?